Molly's Angels

Molly’s Angels is a foundation dedicated to financially supporting children and young adults in their pursuit of education, the arts, or sports.

Molly's Angels

How can you support...

Be an angel

Be an angel for an angel. If you have the time and desire to play an amazing role with one of the recipients, we would love to connect you. Be a mentor, role model and help support their success on many levels.

Shine a light

Spotlight a child that you have found who would be a great recipient of our program. Seek out their story and share it with us, so we too can see their potential and include them in our efforts.

Donate the love

If you want to support our efforts, your generosity can be made public so the recipient knows how much you care about their success. Or we will make sure your silent support directly helps the recipient. Either way, your contribution can make a difference and your support will be felt.